Magical Match Game Contest Rules

July 23, 2018

Magical Match Game

Contest RulesThese Contest rules are specific to the above Contest conducted by Entercom California, LLC d/b/a KUDL (the “Station”).   Except to the extent specifically set forth below with respect to this specific Contest, the Station’s general contest rules apply to this Contest as well.  A copy of these specific Contest rules and the Station’s general contest rules are available at the Station’s studio at 5435 Madison Avenue Sacramento, California 95841 during regular business hours and on the contest page on the Station’s website at To the extent that the general contest rules differ from these rules, these rules will govern and control with respect to this Contest. 



1.No purchase necessary to enter or win the Magical Match Game Contest (the “Contest”.


2.To enter, just listen to the Station each weekday starting on Monday, March 4, 2019 and ending on Friday, March 15, 2019 at approximately ten (10) minutes after the top of each hour starting at 7:00am (PT) and ending at 7:00pm (PT), each a “Contest Play” with no 6:00pm (PT) Contest Play, for the Station to solicit for listeners to call in and be the 17th caller to 916-766-1065 to play the Magical Match Game. The Station representative will then ask the designated caller to guess the numbers of two (2) concealed squares on the official “Game-Card”. There will be a total of four (4) Game-Cards during the Contest. Game-Cards 1-3 will contain a total of one-hundred (100) numbered squares, and will be active from March 4, 2019 through March 14, 2019 from 7:00am (PT) -7:00pm (PT) with no Contest Play during the 6:00pm (PT) hour each day). Game-Card 4 will contain a total of twenty-five (25) numbered squares. Game-Card 4 will only play on Friday, March 15, 2019 from 7:00am (PT) - 7:00pm (PT) with no Contest Play during the 6:00pm (PT) hour.  The Station will play the sound concealed behind each guessed square and if the two (2) squares selected by the designated caller reveal the designated Disneyland sound they are a match, that caller will win one (1) Secondary Prize (as described in section 9 below).  If the sounds concealed behind each guessed square are the sounds of buzzers, the squares will be concealed again and that caller will not win a Secondary Prize.  The Contest will be played up to twelve (12) times per weekday during the Contest. The 17th caller to get through to the Station contest line after each cue to call airs will only receive one (1) opportunity to guess two (2) numbered squares on the Game-Card and if any one (1) of the two (2) numbered squares on the Game-Card is a number that was already part of a match, then that Contest Play shall end, no prize will be awarded, and that caller will not be given another opportunity to select another square.a.WARNING:  ONLINE LISTENERS TO STREAMED BROADCASTS MAY EXPERIENCE A LAG IN TRANSMISSIONS DUE TO BUFFERING LIMITATIONS.  LISTENERS SHOULD NOT RELY ON STREAMED BROADCASTS FOR THE CUE TO CALL IN AND BE THE 17TH CALLER.b.CALLS TO OTHER STATION PHONE NUMBER(S), OTHER THAN THE ANNOUNCED CONTEST LINE NUMBER(S), INCLUDING THE STATION’S GENERAL/MAIN NUMBER, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.c.Listeners are encouraged to keep track of the items associated with selected squares previously guessed by other designated callers.  All participants in this Contest understand and agree that Station has no obligation, liability or responsibility whatsoever if listeners obtain information from third parties such as other listeners (i.e., calling a third party, etc…).d.Station may, but shall not be obligated, to limit the amount of time in which a caller may guess their two (2) numbered squares.e.All decisions by Station in this Contest are final and may not be appealed.


3.There are four (4) Game-Cards in this Contest and this Contest will end at the earlier of (a) when Game-Cards 1-4 matches have been made by a selected caller or (b) March 14, 2019 at 8:00pm (PT) for Game-Card 1-3 and March 15, 2019 at 8:00pm (PT) for Game-Card 4.  THIS CONTEST WILL END AS SOON AS ALL MATCHED SQUARE PRIZES HAVE BEEN AWARDED (A TOTAL OF FIFTEEN (15) SECONDARY PRIZES HAVE BEEN AWARDED AND AFTER ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE HAS BEEN AWARDED). 4.On Friday, March 15, 2019 there will be one (1) Game-Card that is 5x5, which will be numbered 1 through 25. There will be two (2) squares that will contain the winning “DISNEYLAND” sound. The assignment of the designated Disneyland sound will be pre-determined and assigned to the spaces on the Game-Card prior to the start of this Contest and will NOT be changed once the Contest starts. Game-Card 1-3 will consist of a grid containing numbers 1 through 100. Ten (10) of the numbered squares will be associated with Secondary Prizes (as described in Section 9 below), if the designated caller selects two (2) squares with the Disneyland sound that designated caller will win a Secondary Prize. Game-Card 4 will consist of a grid containing numbers 1 through 25. Two (2) of the numbered squares on Game-Card 4 will be associated with the Grand Prize. 5.Listeners are encouraged to keep track of the designated Disneyland sound associated with selected squares previously guessed by other designated callers.  The Station will only post designated Disneyland sound photos associated with selected squares on its website (or through other media that link to its website) within one (1) business day after a match has been made (for example, the virtual online Game-Card will simply show the numbered boxes of each Game-Card 1-100 and 1-25 but when the first match has been made it will replace the numbers with a Disneyland ticket photo).  Listeners are encourage to listen to keep track of the unmatched guesses by the designated callers in order to increase their chance of winning if he/she later becomes a designated caller.  Guessed but unmatched number selections will not be available on the Station website nor by calling the Station.  However, the Station cannot prevent others from distributing that information and all participants understand and agree that Station has no obligation, liability or responsibility whatsoever if people obtain information from third parties such as other listeners (i.e., calling a third party), etc. 6.Listeners may (but are not required) to obtain/download a copy of the official Game-Card (the “Card”) starting on March 4, 2019 through March 15, 2019 (or earlier if the Contest ends prior to March 15, 2019) by visiting the Station’s web page at Listeners are not required to register or download a Game-Card or be an E-Club member in order to play or win this Contest. Listeners can play along by creating their own Game-Card or just keeping track of previously selected spaces in their minds.


7.The Station may (but is not required to) distribute hints or even disclose which squares have previously been “matched” to its E-Club members (by email or otherwise), to its Twitter/Instagram/Facebook followers or on-air (whether or not announced in advanced that hints/information will be provided at a set time) from time to time during the Contest.  If Station elects to distribute any of this additional information/clues, it will be the sole responsibility of the participants to join the associated clubs or listen during the associated radio shows.   Please note that new E-Club members may be subject to up to 2 business days after they opt-in/register to become an active/confirmed members entitled to receive emails and other Contest information. 8.Once a listener wins a prize, that listener is ineligible to play or win again. All callers who do not make a match are eligible to attempt to be the designated caller again at a later game play date/time.


Prize(s) Description:

 9.Up to fifteen (15) Secondary Prizes awarded in this Contest.  Each Secondary Prize is two (2) 2-day, 1 park tickets to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA (tickets are valid for admission to Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park, but not to both parks on the same day), valued at approximately $450.00 per pair and are courtesy of Disney.  Tickets must be used by March 15, 2020.  The tickets are to be awarded as prizes to bona fide winners of the Contest only. No tickets (or portions thereof) may be reassigned or transferred if any winner is unable to redeem such prize. Tickets issued will bear the date of issue and the date of expiration. Expiration date will not be extended, and tickets will not be refundable or redeemable for cash or credit at any time, nor will either be replaced if lost or stolen. Tickets may not be sold or transferred to a third party, including without limitation, to any travel agents, tour operators or other persons engaged in the travel industry, except as allowed in this Agreement. No substitutions are allowed. 10.Up to one (1) Grand Prize winner will be chosen on March 15, 2019, as described in Section 10 of these rules.  The Grand Prize includes the following:  (i) a two (2) night stay at one of the hotels of the Disneyland Resort (one (1) standard room with a maximum of four (4) persons per room for two (2) consecutive nights at a hotel selected by Disney); (ii) four (4) 3-day, 1 park per day tickets to Disneyland (tickets are valid for admission to Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park, but not to both parks on the same day), (iii) roundtrip coach airfare for the winner and three (3) guests from a Sacramento area airport to a Los Angeles area airport; and (iv) a voucher valid for ground transfers in Los Angeles area between the airport and the Disneyland Resort. Grand Prize trip must be taken by March 15, 2020 and is valued at $2,868.00 and is courtesy of Disneyland Resort. Certain restrictions shall apply to the Grand Prize, which restrictions shall be determined by Disney in its sole and absolute discretion. The Grand Prize Winner and his/her guests must travel together on the same itinerary. The Grand Prize shall not include the following: airport departure fees; baggage fees; travel insurance; hotel room service; parking fees; laundry service; food; alcoholic beverages; merchandise, souvenirs, etc.; local and long distance telephone calls; tips, gratuities, service charges, resort fees; and any taxes; or all other charges not explicitly included herein. The Grand Prize (and all elements thereof) may not be sold, redeemed for cash, traded, transferred or rescheduled, except in Disney’s sole and absolute discretion.


11.The odds of being the designated caller depend on the number of attempted calls being made into the studio at the time the designated caller is solicited. Callers are taken in the order they are received into the studio. The odds of a designated caller selecting two matching squares are 1 in 100 and/or 1 in 25 for the Grand Prize or better (depending on how many other squares were previously selected and whether a particular caller has knowledge of the prizes associated with those squares).




13. The sponsor of this Contest is:  Entercom California, LLC and Disney Destinations, LLC.


Other Rules Specific to This Contest


14. Callers must be fourteen years of age or older; provided that if the winner is between 14 and 18 years of age, his/her parent or legal guardian will be recognized as the winner. 15.   A list of winning matches will be available after the Contest has ended by sending a request in writing, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, to 106.5 The End Magical Match Game, KUDL Promotions Dept., 5345 Madison Ave, Sacramento, California 95841. All requests must be received by April 16, 2019.