Bon Appétit, Baby: 9 Times Katy Perry Dressed As Our Favorite Foods

December 4, 2019

Since rising to stardom in 2008, Katy Perry has worn her fair share of fun and whimsical outfits.

A handful of these colorful and appetizing outfits have been inspired by tasty treats that we all love to eat. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a feast that’s “fresh out the oven?”

Oftentimes, these food-inspired outfits make bold statements. Case-and-point: when Perry buried the hatchet with frenemy Taylor Swift by appearing in her music video dressed as the “burger” to Swift’s “fries.”

Perry’s outfits have ranged from small snacks to Five-star Michelin courses: she’s proven to have a sweet tooth by dressing as various pastries (and tasting like cherry chapstick), she’s flaunted her love for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and she’s never shied away from incorporating her favorite fruits into an ensemble.

We hope you’ve got an appetite because ahead of Katy Perry’s headlining performance at B96's Pepsi Jingle Bash in Chicago on Saturday, we are looking back at all the times Perry dressed as a literal snack.

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