Monica Talks 'Verzuz' and Fixing Her Foundation with Brandy

A look behind-the-scenes of the biggest battle in IG history

September 2, 2020

Kenny Burns from Atlanta’s V-103 and RADIO.COM had the honor of chatting it up with Monica on Facebook Live just one day after her epic Verzuz battle with Brandy.

Burns started things off by letting Monica know that as far as he’s concerned the previous Monday night’s battle took both R&B superstars to “iconic status.” And if we’re keeping it real, he isn’t wrong. Brandy and Monica’s Verzuz battle brought in the most views in the entire show's history, with over 6 million verses in total, supposedly outperforming the MTV VMAs on Sunday night.

“You know what, it was a testament to what happens when we come together.It’s crazy cause we hadn’t even seen each other in eight years, we hadn’t spoken in eight years.” Burns took the opportunity to jump right in, pointing out a comment Monica made during the battle, of it being “unnecessarily difficult, this whole process… how was it unnecessarily difficult and why did it take so long?”

Monica kept things honest, “Well, I think communication is key, that’s in anything, and people don’t realize how important that is in a working relationship. Because when you have a certain foundation, then other things don’t play as major of a part, if the foundation is good….I just think our foundation needed work.” Monica also divulged that her and Brandy had a “dope conversation” where they were both able to explain certain things to each other, and because of that, able to move forward. For her, the off camera moments are the ones she will cherish, and expressed that if anything comes out of this entire thing, she hopes that the younger generation of artists can see, “that if we can come together, figure it out and do something we wanted to do, anybody else can.”

Initially Monica wasn’t so on board with participating in the battle, simply because of dealing with outsiders opinions. Lucky for us she decided to let those feelings go and even admitted that she’s “learned to be okay with people not knowing and not understanding.”  Adding, “if you know what your intentions are, you can’t get caught up on the perception of it.” Preach, Monica, Preach!

For Monica, the evening was about “celebrating each other’s legacy” and after watching it we can honestly say that’s exactly what it was.

Check out Kenny’s entire interview with Monica above and if you haven’t watched Monica and Brandy’s Verzuz battle yet, first of all shame on you, and second of all you can check it out here.

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