WATCH: Rooster Chases Australian Shepherd in Michigan

September 8, 2020

(WWJ) School started today across the country amid the first pandemic in 100 years.

Working parents are stressed, bosses, co-workers, business owners ... oh, and teachers, too.

So what we could use today is a collective laugh.

Enter this family in rural Lapeer, Mich., who shot video of their backyard rooster Duke chasing their peppy Australian Shepherd Leia. 

Why did this rooster cross the road? He saw a dog on the other side who needed to be taught a lesson. 

We dare you not to laugh when the dog changes direction, sneaks up on the bird from the other side and startles him into the air, wings flapping. It's a bamboozle for the ages.

"Thank God for animals," a man in the video says while the family laughs in the background.

Daily Mail talked to the family, who said this unfolded on Saturday when Leia got a little too close to the coop for Duke's comfort. 

"She started picking on the rooster and he began to chase her. I ran and got my phone and started recording," owner Tammy Sattler said. 

Sattler said Duke ran after Leia for nearly 10 minutes before running our of juice, as it were, and settling back into guarding the chicken coop.

"After I stopped filming we told Leia she was a good girl for not eating Duke!" Sattler said.

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