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Raging Waters Sacramento Cancels 2020 Season

Raging Waters Sacramento Waterpark has announced the cancellation of its 2020 season. The park made the following statement on its website this week: "As our management has monitored the needed changes to operate within this new environment, and assessed the time and resources needed to implement... Read More

Chiron Retrograde Could Make The Rest Of 2020 Even More Emotional

A phenomenon known as Chiron Retrograde could make the rest of 2020 even more of an emotional roller coaster. Chiron, which is an asteroid and a centaur (it has an "erratic" orbit, says Cosmopolitan ), will go retrograde in Aries on July 11, 2020 at 2:09 p.m. PST here in Sacramento until December... Read More
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Carrie Underwood's Throwback Photos Are Seriously Awkward AF

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are celebrating their 10-year-wedding anniversary with some seriously awkward throwback photos. The singer shared the photos on her Instagram along with a brief story of how they met and where they're at today. "Hey you two crazy kids," she wrote in the... Read More

This Sacramento 2-Year-Old Is A Skateboarding Prodigy: Video

A Sacramento toddler has made local and INTERNATIONAL news for his skateboarding skills he picked up in quarantine. CBS Sacramento and the Daily Mail both shared the story of Brody Alexzandr whose dad taught him how to skateboard after losing his food service job due to the pandemic. He spends five... Read More

The Wake Up Call Full Show 7-10-20

Here's what happened on The Wake Up Call: 6AM: Gavin's Phone Scams: Fe-Mail - Gavin works for the USPS and calls Mikaela to sell her on a new program they have called Fe-Mail...mail for and by women: Gavin's Phone Scams: Fe-Mail 7-9-20 War Of The Roses - Ashley thinks Cole is cheating... Read More

The Wake Up Call Full Show 7-9-20

Here's what happened on the Wake Up Call: 6AM: Boring Jobs - The Wake Up Call share their thoughts about a man sueing his work place for his job being too boring: Boring-Ass Jobs In Case You Missed It: Naya Rivera The Wake Up Call go over the recent breaking news happening in the media today: In... Read More