Taylor Swift's Traumatizing House Visit

Some people have serious issues.

May 12, 2016

I can NOT get over this creepy as hell story.

Things got really weird outside Taylor Swift's Tribeca home this week when a man who claimed to have worked with her before showed up at the front gate and refused to leave. This isn't the first time he's showed up at one of her houses - he was caught outside her Los Angeles home recently as well. 

Allegedly wanting to pitch the pop star new music ideas, he was forced to have a psychiatric evaluation after her security team took control of the situation and called the cops.

Can you imagine being a 26 year old girl with a grown man standing outside your house waiting for you? That's borderline traumatizing. I'd be rounding up the Taylor troops and adding one more name to the Bad Blood black-list. 


Go home and stay home, creeps.