World Series Champs for first time since 1908.

November 2, 2016

The Chicago Cubs are World Series champions!! That's never been said before in our lifetimes. Or our parents' lifetimes. Or even our grandparents' lifetimes. What a special moment. What a tremendous baseball game. It had everything, including a rain delay. The fascinating thing is, that delay came at a perfect time for the Cubs, because the Indians had all the momentum at the time heading into extra innings. The Cubs used the break to regroup in their clubhouse thanks to a team meeting/pep talk led by Jason Heyward (someone who really struggled this season, but he found another way to help his team when they needed it most). Once play resumed, they put a quick 2 on the board and hung on to win it. Did anyone else notice how Kris Bryant had a smile on his face the entire time he was fielding the ball on the final play of the game? Loved that. 
Somewhere, a good man named Steve Bartman is smiling. Party safely, Chicago!