Macklemore's Grandma = Superstar

Rapper puts 100 year-old in his new video

July 6, 2017

Tugging on our heartstrings, Macklemore dropped his new music video for his single "Glorious", featuring a surprising guest. Macklemore took a trip to NorCal to surprise his grandma Helen for her 100th birthday and takes us along for a day trip. Macklemore gives his Grandma the controls, letting her do anything she wants to do on her special day. 

"Anything? Oh God, I want to do it all," said Helen.

Macklemore and his Grandma were spotted throughout Modesto, California riding around in a gold Cadillac Eldorado convertible, a gift for the birthday girl. The two get in touch with their teenage selves as they have a day of karaoke, arcade games, and shopping, followed by a wild suprise party.

Macklemore has yet to announce a release date for his expected upcoming album but says it will be his first solo offering in twelve years.