World Series Game 1

Indians beat the Cubs 6-0

October 25, 2016

Cleveland showed America what they were made of tonight.  The Cubs got most of the publicity heading into the World Series, and rightfully so due to their impressive regular season plus long history of mediocrity, yet it was the Indians dominating Game 1, winning 6-0.  Don't forget Cleveland made quick work of both the Red Sox (probably the hottest team in the AL in September) and the Blue Jays to get here, pitching so well those series weren't even competitive.  The Cubs on the other hand barely snuck past the Giants and had to go 6 games to put away LA.  Come playoff time, what you did in the regular season suddently doesn't matter so much, it's all about how you're playing in October, and right now no one is hotter than the Indians. The good news for the Cubs is that 2 of the Indians starting pitchers are hurt at the moment, and won't be pitching in this series, so Cleveland is going to have to battle hard to win on the nights their ace, Kluber (tonight's winning pitcher), isn't starting.  In other words, we've got the makings of a great series! Indians jump ahead 1-0 heading to tomorrow's Game 2.

I will also say this.  Both teams have a potential future middle-infield superstar in the making, the Indians SS Francisco Lindor (who's 22) and Cubs 2B Javier Baez (is 23).  They're both from Puerto Rico, incredibly talented, and they both play the game with the flair and passion which seems to go hand-in-hand with players coming out of Latin America.  Except here's a big distinction.  Baez likes to showboat.  It has cost his team bases already in the playoffs because he stands in the batter's box and admires his drives which he thinks are home runs, but sometimes aren't.  That sort of stuff really bugs me.  Put your head down and play hard.  After Giants pitcher Sergio Romo struck him out in Game 3 of the NLDS, Baez made a dismissive gesture back at him as he walked back to the dugout.  Again, not cool.  If I wanted to watch excessive showboating, I'd watch the NFL (something I haven't done in 4 years).  Lindor on the other hand, plays with that same bounce and passion, but he doesn't call added attention to himself.  Tonight he became the youngest person ever to have 3 hits in a World Series game, but he didn't have to go out of his way to make sure people looked at him.  He let his bat do the talking.  Baez is still young, so maybe he needs a little time to mature, and I'm willing to give him that, because I hate having a negative impression of someone so talented.  But then throw into the mix Cubs catcher Willson Contreras tonight also showboating on a ball he thought was out (it wasn't), which cost his team a base in the 9th inning, even though the game had pretty much been decided by then.  But still.  It's stuff like this why I'm rooting for the Indians to win it all this year.