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Flash Back to 10 Years Ago!

Was looking through some of The End's old music lists today, and thought I'd say what we were playing 10 years ago, in November 2007. Interesting what 2 artists hit our charts for the first time that month, Taylor Swift and Flo Rida! They're certainly responsible for quite a few hits over the past... Read More

Sacramento's Newest Hotel Now Open

If you listened to my show at all in the 10 years or so leading up to Golden 1 Center's opening last year, you most likely heard me mention at some point how badly Sacramento needed a new downtown arena, and what a big difference such a place would make in revatilizing the city's downtown. Not only... Read More

Justin Bieber Gives Back

It's not every day you get a visit from the guy who is number one on the music charts. Justin Bieber made a suprise visit to the Children's Hospital of Orange County this week. After calling the child life team at the hospital, The Despacito singer arrived an hour later ready to surprise his fans... Read More

Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford

Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford! Ford, the man responsible for bringing two of the most iconic movie characters to life, Han Solo and Indian Jones, is celebrating his 75th birthday today. Even at his age, Ford does not seem to be slowing down. Taking on one of his most famous roles, 'Indiana Jones'... Read More

Harry on the Big Screen

Causing a lot of hype in the film world, Harry Styles is making his acting debut in Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk'. Unaware of how famous Styles was, Nolan cast the popstar in his new war film purely based on the "truthfulness and subtltey" he brought to his audition. “I was new to Harry. I mean, I’... Read More

Macklemore's Grandma = Superstar

Tugging on our heartstrings, Macklemore dropped his new music video for his single "Glorious", featuring a surprising guest. Macklemore took a trip to NorCal to surprise his grandma Helen for her 100th birthday and takes us along for a day trip. Macklemore gives his Grandma the controls, letting... Read More

Ed Gives Up On Social

Enough is enough! After recieving an overwhelming amount of hate on twitter for his performance at Glastonbury last month in England, Ed Sheeran has gone offline, saying goodbye to all social media. After being accused of using backing tracks, Sheeran took to twitter to explain that he uses a loop... Read More

Its Good To Be Donald Glover

It's a great time to be Donald Glover. Not only is 'Redbone' the biggest hit of his career, he also has roles in three major upcoming movies. We can first expect to see Glover on screen in the new 'Spider-Man Homecoming' in just a short couple of weeks. Taking on two iconic movies, Glover will be... Read More

Simon Cowell Organizes Charity Single

The U.K. music industry is showing its support to those affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower in London. Simon Cowell announced a charity single following the tragic 27-story apartment fire in London that killed over 70 people. The single will feature Nile Rodgers, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Stormzy and... Read More

Concertgoers killed at Ariana Grande show in UK tonight.

This is absolutely scary news for all of us who attend concerts on a regular basis. Two loud bangs were heard inside Manchester Arena right after Ariana Grande finished the last song of her show there tonight. Many of the attendees feared the worst, so immediately started racing for the exits... Read More