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Review: Teen Titans Go to the Movies

My son is 6 years old. He’s in that age that seems to be grey as far as entertainment goes; he’s very much interested in superheroes and Star Wars but he also still likes to watch Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Club House with his little brother. We don’t watch Cartoon Network in our house and I... Read More

Review: Eighth Grade

Ever since I discovered comedian Bo Burham, I’ve had a problem with him. This problem doesn’t come from a place where I don’t find him funny or think he’s a pretentious douchebag, like some comedy snobs do. I actually have a hard time wrapping my head around him because he’s so insanely talented... Read More

Review: Ant-Man and The Wasp

Earlier this summer, Disney and Marvel gave us one of the best films they’ve made in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War . When you’ve made over a decade-worth of films that have all been good-to-great, you’re gonna get overshadowed with your next project no matter what it is. I think... Read More

Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In the summer of 1993 I went to see Jurassic Park with my best friend Joe 7 times. It was and still is one of the greatest movies I ever saw. Joe and I read the book right before it came out and it was one of the first things that cemented our friendship. Jurassic Park will always have a special... Read More

Review: The Incredibles 2

Fourteen years is a pretty long time. 2004 is when the original Incredibles came out and it was only Pixar’s sixth film. That was when George W. Bush was President, gas was only $1.73 (and we freaked out about that), and ABC’s Lost hadn’t pissed anyone off yet. That was when The Incredibles created... Read More

Review: Hotel Artemis

Every once in a while a movie will come out with a huge cast, interesting premise, and awesome trailer that you never heard of. Movie nerds like me are usually tuned into almost every movie that’s currently in production. Hotel Artemis is one that completely came out of nowhere. The trailer came... Read More

Review: Hereditary

Personally, I think it seems silly to say that you love a certain movie studio. There are so many movie studios now that finding one that has a stellar success rate (outside of Pixar) is pretty rare. However, A24 is new on the scene and they’ve already given us insanely great films like Ex Machina... Read More

Review: American Animals

There are two things that I really love to watch and find myself enjoying quite often — documentaries and heist films. When I saw the trailer for American Animals I thought it was only a heist film. I knew it was a true story and I knew that it was from director Bart Layton, who’s only other... Read More

Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story

I never thought I’d say this but I think I’m getting Star Wars fatigue. The day that I’m writing a review about how luke (no pun intended) warm I felt about Solo , it was announced that James Mangold ( Logan, Walk the Line ) was just hired to write and direct a Boba Fett spinoff movie. This was... Read More

Review: Deadpool 2

It’s easy to forget that Deadpool is a superhero based on a real comic book character and not a parody of superhero films. I remember watching the first Deadpool and being blown away at how funny the whole thing was; however, because it was so low budget (relatively speaking with only $58 million)... Read More