Review: Teen Titans Go to the Movies

August 3, 2018


My son is 6 years old.  He’s in that age that seems to be grey as far as entertainment goes; he’s very much interested in superheroes and Star Wars but he also still likes to watch Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Club House with his little brother.  We don’t watch Cartoon Network in our house and I was barely aware of Teen Titans Go!  I knew that it was a thing but it seemed like one of those shows that was spastic and annoying and didn’t look like it was for kids so we never put it on in our house.  One day, though, the trailer for Teen Titans Go to the Movies came on and it made me and my son laugh pretty hard so we both went to see it together.

I’ve said many times in my reviews that I like more Marvel characters but I like DC characters more.  The irony is that Teen Titans focuses on characters that I care the least about.  I’m an old comic book kid so I know about Robin and Cyborg but as far as Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy…let’s just say I didn’t grow up reading about them.  What’s great about the Teen Titans movie is that it shines a light on how obscure these characters are and that’s the basis of the plot.  They’re not Superman (voiced by Nicholas Cage), Batman (voiced by Jimmy Kimmel), or Wonder Woman (voiced by Halsey), so they’re hella jealous they haven’t had a movie made about them yet.  It’s very meta and self deprecating when it comes to Hollywood and plays off of all the superhero fatigue that’s out there.

Everyone is well aware that the DC movies are too dark and in desperate need of fun.  That’s probably the #1 reason why they’ve been so lackluster.  I know that the upcoming Shazaam movie hopes to change that but nothing will ever be as fun and bright as Teen Titans Go to the Movies which isn’t just fast-paced, super silly, and colorful as hell, it’s also a much-needed mockery of the DC Universe which has taken itself entirely too seriously.  DC has always had some of the silliest comic book characters of all time, so why not mock that?  This is very much in the same tone as the Lego Batman Movie but it’s even more parody and not a single character is off limits, including some very, very, VERY obscure ones that even nerds don’t know about.

For the most part, the writing is great.  It seems to rely too heavily on potty humor at times which I find pretty lame…even when I was a kid.  However, the songs, performances, and aggressive comedic pacing is more than enough to make up for it.  I don’t know if the purpose of the film was to bring in new viewers to the show since everything about the movie feels like an inside joke that you still get as an outsider, but it certainly made me want to check the show out more.  I was told by Producer Gabe and Intern Kevin that their generation hates Teen Titans Go! because it’s a more manic, silly version of the original Teen Titans show that they grew up on.  For those of you that that applies to, I’d be very interested in see if this movie makes you want to give it a try.