This Girl Won The Title of Messiest College Apartment


June 7, 2017

I wouldn’t call myself a clean freak, but I also wouldn’t say I’m a sloppy hot mess.

If there gets to be too much clutter in my apartment, it totally stresses me out.

That’s why this girl winning the title of the dirtiest college apartment has me feeling all sorts of ways.

I get that once you’re on your own, away from your parents, making your own rules, there’s bound to be some cut backs on cleaning…… but this girl takes it to a whole different level!!!

Brittani Cooper, a student in the UK seems like your normal college girl, except for her apartment looks like a tornado of dirty dishes and garbage hit. And that’s an understatement.

Because of her living situation, her dad (really, her dad?!) suggested that she enter a competition for messiest room via

And out of 982 entries, she took home the grand prize. Now, unfortunately the article doesn’t say what her grand prize was, but let’s hope it was a year of maid service!!!

See the photos of the messiest room you’ve ever seen, HERE