R.I.P Doris Roberts

The actress who played Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond, has died.

April 18, 2016

Doris Roberts, the actress who played Raymond's mom on the show Everybody Loves Raymond, has died at the age of 90.

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Over the years, I've watched episides of Everybody Loves Raymond with different people. Almost every time, someone in the group says that Doris Robert's character Marie "is just like their mom."  Sometimes it was said in a loving way.  Other times, it was said with a bit of fear in their voice.  

Doris Roberts played the character of Marie, perfectly!  She was a loving mother. She was irrational, but caring.  She was overprotective, but always had the best of intentions. She was crazy, but you wouldn't dare tell her that!  She could make you feel guilty, but only if you deserved it.  She could build you up, when you were feeling down. 

Doris Roberts played the character of Marie perfectly.  She wasn't just Raymond's mom, she was our mom, grandmother, or crazy old aunt.  She was great, and she'll be missed!