Katie Blogs

Hip Tip - Bolder Eyes

1. If you have a hard time using soft eyeliner pencils, draw a thick line onto your hand, use a stiff eye brush to pick up the pigment and then apply to your eye. 2. Need eye drops but don’t want to ruin your makeup? Breathe air in through your nose as you drop them into your eyes. Your tear ducts... Read More

Got bad breath???

Masking bad breath with mints or chewing gum is just a temporary fix for a stinky problem. In order to treat the cause, celery or parsley can be eaten to neutralize the odors at the source. Chewing parsley may not sound very appetizing so I’d personally recommend celery. Read More

Wet Nail Polish?? No Problem

We’ve all been in this position… you paint your nails and then either they take forever to dry OR you realize you have something to do that CAN’T be done with wet nails. Well if you have no quick-dry products lying around, dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water to help them dry faster. Read More

On the Next American Horror Story...

I am a HUGE American Horror Story fan but this upcoming season I will become a YUGE fan ;) http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/american-horror-story-season-7-theme-976642 Read More