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Who Knew Britney Spears Was So Into Art?!

Everyone lost their minds last week, when a woman bought a Britney Spears painting for $10,000! It did go to a good cause, benifitting the victims of last month's Vegas mass shooting. But apparently, Brit Brit has been into creating masterpieces for YEARS. Who knew?! Check out some of her artwork... Read More

WATCH: Demi Lovato Covers Sam Smith "Too Good At Goodbyes"

Not gonna lie, my heart breaks a little each time I hear Sam Smith "Too Good At Goodbyes." And as if my heart couldn't break any more...Demi Lovato decided to do her own rendition, and it's making me equally emotional! SO MUCH PASSION! SO MUCH EMOTION! Ughhhh. See for yourself, below! Video of Demi... Read More

Stop EVERYTHING! Starbucks Has A NEW Holiday Drink!

The holidays are slowly creeping up, and Starbucks has already graced us with festive cups and the usual drinks! BUT this year, they’ve spiced it up with a brand new drink. Allow me to introduce you to the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. A post shared by Uptown Waterloo Starbucks (@... Read More

Say What?! You Could Get Paid To Spend Time In Cancun!!

Talk about DREAM JOB! The website, is hiring a new CEO to represent the vacay paradise that is Cancun!!! Trust when I say, it’s easier than you think! You don’t need an MBA or actually any experience. As long as you have a valid passport AND are at least 18 years old, YOU CAN APPLY! So... Read More

Survey Reveals How Many People Stay Friends With An Ex

With the whole craziness of Justin and Selena maybe getting back together, it got me wondering: How many people stay friends with their exes?! A recent survey done by Match’s Singles of America Survey found that surprisingly, a lot of people do! First let’s define what they constituted as an “ex.”... Read More

WATCH: Taylor Swift's Transformation Into a Zombie...

Don't be alarmed!! Taylor Swift takes us behind the scenes to check out her transformation into zombie queen, in the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video. Not gonna lie; it's pretty creepy. She totally nails the undead look. Maybe she should try out for "The Walking Dead." See her transformation... Read More

This 21 Year Old LITERALLY Looks Like Selena Gomez's Twin!

Sooooo many times I've heard, OH, look at this girl/guy. He/she looks just like :insert celebrity: here. And I'm like ummmmm. No, they don't. Not even a little bit. Until now!!! Meet Sofia Solares AKA Selena Gomez's long last twin. Their resemblance is UNREAL! A post shared by Sofia Solares (@... Read More

Something Scary Happened During Britney Spears' Vegas Show

A rather scary incident happened at Britney Spears’ show on Wednesday night in Las Vegas. Britney was performing (You Drive Me) Crazy and as the song ended, a man rushed the stage. In seconds, Britney’s security, along with her backup dancers sprang to action, subduing the man. Britney was facing... Read More