Amanda Bynes Give Her First Interview In Years!

She talks future plans, her past and tons more!

June 9, 2017

Amanda Bynes has had a pretty rough last few years. She was forcibly hospitalized back in 2013 and spent several months in inpatient care.

Since then, she’s kept it pretty low key…minus that strange tweet about Drake earlier this year, which was pretty awkward.

But wait, WHAT?! She just did an interview for the first time in YEARS; 4 to be exact.

During the interview, she addresses a whole bunch of stuff, including assuring her fans that she’s doing great.

She’s been busy attending fashion school and hopes to start a clothing line in the future.

She also revealed that she hopes to start acting again sometime soon, just in case you’ve missed seeing her on the big screen.

I won’t give too much away though. See the interview for yourself, below!