Camila Cabello Fills Us In On What Really Led Her To Leave Fifth Harmony...

February 19, 2017

It’s been a couple months since Camila Cabello made her departure from Fifth Harmony.

So how’s Camila feeling now that a little of the dust has settled?

She sat down for an interview with Billboard Magazine to fill us in on what led her to leave the group, and if she’s been in contact with any of the girls since.   

The biggest issue Camila had during her time with the group was not being able to create original music.

To her, that meant she was interpreting somebody else’s story and not her own. (truuuue)

Still, she didn’t plan on having such a messy departure.

It really hurt her to have to move on, but she says she will still continue to root for her former bandmates both as a group and individually.

What sounds pretty messed up though, is that she says she has reached out to the girls since December, but hasn't gotten a response from anyone.

She didn’t get into the details, but said it does make her sad.

OUCH! :( !  But at least, Camila seems to be doing well and doesn’t hold any grudges.

And her debut solo album is set to release in the fall, which is pretty freakin’ exciting!