Casting For Disney's Live Action Remake of Aladdin Hasn't Been Going So Well...

July 11, 2017

Like all Disney movies these days, you may know that Aladdin is getting a live action remake.

Casting has started, however they’ve run into a major problem.

They’re having trouble finding their Aladdin!!!

The studio announced earlier this year that they could be casting actors of Middle Eastern descent to play the roles of Aladdin and Jasmine, which obviously makes total sense.

As of late, the studio is contemplating going the route of an unknown lead.

They’ve been working with casting agents in Egypt, Abu Dhabi, and India to find a twentysomething male who can sing and act, however the search is taking longer than anticipated.

Some 2000+ actors have already read for the part, and ya…no luck. And they can’t officially cast Jasmine, without Aladdin, since they also want to do a chemistry test between the two.

Production was originally slated to begin in July, but that date will now be pushed back until further notice.

Let’s hope they find a diamond in the rough for Aladdin ASAP!!!!