Could American Idol Be Coming Back To Television?

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February 11, 2017

Here’s a rumor that circulating around. Supposedly there are talks to bring back American Idol (ughh why?), but this time to NBC.

 This makes no sense, in my opinion, since NBC is already home to The Voice. Do they really need two singing competition shows? Ummmm, no.

But while The Voice does air twice a year, a source is saying that they might very well bring that down to once a year, to make room for their revamped version of American Idol.

The source also adds that when American Idol had its final season, few thought it was permanent and that one of key factors to ending the 15 season running show was because they were struggling to afford it’s talent; most likely Ryan Seacreast and Jennifer Lopez. Interesting.

I for one think that they should just let it go, but who knows what will happen.