Don't Expect to Hear Anymore Brad and Angelina DRAMA!

January 10, 2017

Looks like we aren’t going to get any more of that juicy gossip about Brad and Angelina’s divorce.

In a joint statement they have confirmed that their divorce proceedings are going to be handled from here on out by a private judge as a courtesy to their six children.   

So ya, no more of that he-said-she-said shenanigans.

If you ask me, that really does make the most sense. I’ve never been a fan of either of them, but as far as divorces go when there’s kids involved, this whole thing just seems like a messy situation, which TBH nobody should be a part of except for them. (And I feel like that was a hella bad run on sentence, but I’m just trying to get my feelings out, okay lol)

I actually applaud the fact that they are “committed to acting as a united front.”

So Brad and Angie, do your thing. And the rest of America will try their best to stay out of it!