Employers Are Now Microchipping Their Employees

And I Am NOT Down With It

June 23, 2017

How trippy is this!

A Swedish company called Biohax, is doing something that’s never been done before.

They specialize in injecting a small microchip, equivalent to a grain of rice, under people's skin using a syringe.

The reason? So that employees of a company can then access necessities around the office, such as opening doors, using a coffee maker, or using a copying machine.

Scientists have been implanting animals with microchips for years, but the idea of microchipping people is a fairly new idea.

Most importantly, it raises concerns about security. If a person with a microchip is hacked, sensitive information such as a person’s location, length of time spent at a specific place, or health information could be retrieved.

To me, the whole thing sounds a little sketch. I personally do not want a device implanted in me just for my job. No thank you!