This Guy Is The Definition of #RelationshipGoals

June 8, 2017

This guy, Nicholas, is total #boyfriend goals.

He’s been dating his girlfriend, Cassandra for about 8 months; but he’s know her for six years.

Obviously, since he’s known her so long, he has a pretty good grasp on what she loves.

He revealed that what Cassandra’s loves most goes in the following order:

Her dog, sleeping, and him. (which is both hilarious and adorable).

So, when it was time to shower his lady with a gift, he knew just what to get her!

A blanket; but not just any old blanket…oh no!

We’re talking a custom blanket with her dog, Lucky’s, face on it.

But, wait! It gets better. He also go Lucky a blanket too. Except, with Cassandra’s face on it.

Isn’t that soooo adorbz.