Here's the Latest on Sophie Turner From Game of Thrones and Joe Jonas' Relationship

January 22, 2017

Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, and Joe Jonas’ relationship is really starting to become more and more official.

A source reportedly told People magazine recently that “Sophie has always been into him, but he’s starting to like her more and more.”

Another source saying that they’re dating exclusively; that Joe was playing the field but he really likes her and is willing to settle down for her.

Lately though, they’ve been all over together.

Thursday afternoon (before his show in town at Ace of Spades) he was hanging with Sophie in LA and she was photographed wearing a long sleeve DNCE t-shirt. Reppin'

However, when asked about the relationship at the Golden Globes, Sophie told Mario Lopez she “wasn’t going to say anything.” BUT that she is “very happy.”

Well I guess that’s all the info we have straight from the source right now.

But I think the photos speak for themselves! Like this ONE