Is Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Cheating On Him...On Tinder??

January 26, 2017

OoooOooooh SHOOT! Some shady business might be going on!!

Leonardo DiCaprio, gorgeous human being, is supposedly off the market.

He’s been dating 24 year old model, Nina Agdal.

 (Sidenote: That means she was 5 when Titanic came out. EW.)

Anywaaay, guess what? Nina is on TINDER! Excuse me?

Buuuut, she’s not actually trying to cheat on Leo.

She’s doing this promotional contest for Sports Illustrated.

If you swipe right when her photo pops up on the app, you’ll be entered to win a trip to meet her.

Unfortunately, it won’t be a date, rather she’ll give you tips on how to improve your love life.

Okay, phhhhhhew. She’s not a cheater! But I must admit their age difference does freak me out a little bit.