Looks Like Leonardo DiCaprio Has Called It Quits With Nina Agdal...

May 20, 2017

If you’ve ever dreamt of dating Leonardo DiCaprio, this might be your chance!

Just days away from his One-Year Anniversary with model Nina Agdal, the two have called it quits.

((If you need a little reminder as to what Nina looks like, see below. I even needed a refresher lol))

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Since this was a big anniversary, do you think he already had a present picked out??

 If so, I wonder what he’s going to do with it? HmMMmmm.

Anyways, this is unfortunate since the two seemed happy as recent as a couple weeks ago, when the two were spotted on a taco date in West Hollywood.

Then again, who could look angry eating tacos?

However, other sources say that Leo was “on his phone the whole time” which definitely sounds like a major red flag.

A source close to the couple is saying that the split was mutual and that they “remain friends.”

Pshhh isn’t that what they always say??

So, get in there girl. Do your thing! Don’t you worry about the thousands of Victoria’s Secret models coming out of the woodwork. You got this!!!!