Nap-ercise Is A New Workout You're Going to Want to Know About!

April 30, 2017

I am NOTORIOUS for taking naps whenever I get the chance. Naps are lyyyyfffe!

And for a lot of people, taking a 45 minute nap VS sweating profusely at the gym is WAY more appealing.

That’s why this new “workout” by UK based fitness center, David Llyod Clubs, is making me say “WHAT!?”

Dubbed “Nap-ercise,” you guessed it! The hour long class is made up of 15 minutes of light stretching, followed by 45 minutes of intense NAPPING, with the whole works; beds, blankets, and eye masks.

The room is also set to a specific temperature, ideal for giving you those good ZzzZZz’s.

While the whole thing might have you thinking this is total BS, there are actually studies that give major benefits to taking a solid midday nap, such as less stress, better concentration, and being more rested.

Unfortunately, if you want to take this class, you’ll have to travel all the way to the UK, where it’s only being offered at one of David Lloyd’s gyms. But if it picks up, it will hopefully takeover the U.K and the world!!

I’m down to start this movement though. Let’s make #nap-ercising a thing!!!