Something Scary Happened During Britney Spears' Vegas Show

August 11, 2017

A rather scary incident happened at Britney Spears’ show on Wednesday night in Las Vegas.

Britney was performing (You Drive Me) Crazy and as the song ended, a man rushed the stage.

In seconds, Britney’s security, along with her backup dancers sprang to action, subduing the man.

Britney was facing the crowd as all of this was going down, and when she turns around to see all the chaos she’s heard asking one of her security guards if the man has a gun. Luckily he did not.

The man arrested was 37 year old Jesse Webb. He was asked to leave the concert, at which point he jumped onto the stage and started dancing. In his mug shot he can be seen smiling.

See the photo HERE.  

If you ask me, it sounds like this guy was just drunk out of his mind, and thankfully it did not escalate to a more dangerous matter.

Ain’t nobody messin’ with Brit Brit! 

And if you want to see the whole craziness unfold for yourself, click HERE