Stop Everything! Baskin-Robbins New Delivers!

July 7, 2017

Guys, can I just say that so far, this Sacramento summer has been BRUTAL.

Especially in my tiny, barely air conditioned Midtown apartment. Ughhh.

On those days, that you’re too lathergic and sweaty to do anything except take a shower, this right here is EVERYTHING.

Baskin-Robbins announced yesterday that they will begin delivering straight to your door!!!

They’ve teamed up with DoorDash and all you have to do is go to their app or website, and there you go.

Ice Cream is YOURS. And if you’re worried about ending up with a melty disaster, rest easy.

DoorDash will use insulated carriers to make sure your ice cream gets to you all perfect and ready to consume.


PS Or if you’d like to eat local, I hear that Burrs also delivers on PostMates. Looooove me some Burrs