Survey Reveals How Many People Stay Friends With An Ex

November 5, 2017

With the whole craziness of Justin and Selena maybe getting back together, it got me wondering:

How many people stay friends with their exes?!

A recent survey done by Match’s Singles of America Survey found that surprisingly, a lot of people do!

First let’s define what they constituted as an “ex.” It had to be someone the survey takers dated for over three months.

50% of men and 42% of women reported that they’d stay friends with their exes post breakup. (WOW!)

But who are they kidding! 25% of those that stayed “friends” revealed that they did end up having sex with their ex. *DUH*

And, even if you don’t stay friends with your ex, there’s still a pretty good chance that they’re still thinking about you. 33% of both men AND women admitted to having dreams about their exes.

Finally, now that an ex is out of the picture, what about that cute friend of theirs?

A quarter of women admitted they wouldn’t have a problem dating an ex’s friend, as 50% of men said the same. (SHADY)

However, on the flip side half of women said they would not be happy if a friend dated their ex, while a third of men said the same.