Uber Released Some New Rules This Week

December 11, 2016

Watch yourself, the next time you get into an Uber!

The company announced some new rules for passengers this week, and honestly, they’re pretty freakin’ easy to follow if you ask me.

The big rule they just made is no having sex in the back of your Uber. Doing this will get you kicked off the app for good! But like I said, pretty easy thing to not do, right?

Side note: I’m a little sketched out that this rule even had to be made.  

Also there should be no physical contact with your driver or fellow riders. Now I’m sure if you and bae want to hold hands, that’s fine. Just don’t overdo it.

Other things that can get you kicked off the app? Messing up the back of your driver’s car by puking, and breaking the law by bringing in open containers or drugs.

So just try and behave, okay?