Watch:The Trailer for the New Movie Charming!

Starring Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, & Ashley Tisdale

May 21, 2017

It’s a tale as old as time.

Girl meets prince, girl falls in love with prince, girl and prince live happily ever after.

But you know what’s kind of strange??

Snow White, Cinderella AND Sleeping Beauty all ended up with dudes named Prince Charming!!!!

((TBH, I just realized and I'm kind of #mindblown))

So, either there’s a lot of Prince Charmings running around OR that prince has got some mansplaining to do!!

And that’s exactly what the movie “Charming” is about.

Check out the new trailer below, starring:

Avril Lavigne as Snow White, Ashley Tisdale as Cinderella, and Chinese pop star G.E.M as Sleeping Beauty. Also, Demi Lovato stars as a character named Lenore, and Wilmer Valderrama *Demi’s ex* will play Prince Charming.