What Did Nick Viall Really Think of Corinne's Behavior On The Bachelor Last Week?

January 16, 2017

The Bachelor is back on tonight, and as always there’s probably going to be a lot of drama.

Like remember last week, when Corinne could not put her boobs away?

It was hella funny, because my mom even texted me quote, “These girls have no class.”

No truer words have ever been spoken, Mommy!

 I mean it’s pretty much always the case, but from season to season the girls just seem to get raunchier and raunchier.

Anyway, while the memory of Corinne’s topless shoot is fresh in our memories, and all the uncomfortableness that came with it, it’s time to find out what Nick Viall AKA The Bachelor thought of the whole thing.

Nick said he was “uncomfortable” with that much freeing of the nip, and that he was also “caught off guard.”

But then he also went on to say “I think we should be careful about judging and criticizing people so quickly.”

Dude, she took off her top to win! And you let her win!!! You gave her that group date rose!

Ughh. Not gonna lie. This definitely turned me off a bit more from the show.

BUT since I’m in ESPN’s Bachelor Fantasy League this season. I must watch. Ughhh.