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Here's A Possible Sneak Peak At The iPhone 8

Every year the world anticipates the release of the next best iPhone. This year is no different. The iPhone 8 is coming this fall, and a Youtuber named Danny Winget, claims he has the final protype which he showed off in a recent vlog on his channel. The part I think is kind of whack? They’re... Read More

Katy Perry Reveals How Her First Kiss Went Down!

First kisses are AWKWARD! We all know this. Katy Perry revealed how her first kiss went down to W Magazine , and it was not one bit romantic. She said she was playing a game of spin the bottle, and then all of a sudden there was what felt like a wet fish in her mouth. EWWWW. She then went on to say... Read More

Here's What Happened Today During The Taylor Swift Groping Trial

Taylor Swift was the first witness called to the stand in her sexual assault case today in Denver. It is the fourth day of her groping trial against DJ David Mueller . Buzzfeed’s Claudia Rosenbaum has been reporting from the courtroom and has shared these key details… In a cross examination,... Read More

WATCH: Kesha Perform Praying For The First Time Live

Kesha performed her powerful song "Praying" today at the Youtube Space LA. On the performance, Kesha commented: "This is the first time that we're gonna have ever played 'Praying' in front of anyone. This is very special for us and I hope it's really special for you guys. I hope I feel that energy... Read More

Cheetos Cookies: YAY OR NAY?

Ummmmm, I do not think I like the sounds of this! I’m usually one that’ll be up for trying new food creations, but this one sounds HELLA gross. Allow me to introduce you to Cheetos Cookies. A post shared by .angie.(•-•) (@andventureisout_there) on Jul 7, 2017 at 10:40pm PDT Yes, you read that right... Read More

Justin Bieber Finally Admits Why He Cancelled the Purpose Tour

Justin Bieber is finally coming forward about the real reason he decided to cancel his Purpose tour. Originally it was cited as “unforeseen circumstances.” Then, there was speculation he did it because of his newfound love of going to church. But here’s the real story. It’s due to his health. See... Read More

Get Excited! The Museum Of Ice Cream is Coming to SF!

Being a lover/connoisseur of all things ice cream, I was pretty bummed that the pop-up Museum Of Ice Cream was all the way in L.A. I mean, I didn’t have time to drop everything and go check it out (I know, shame on me). That why I just got done doing a happy dance, after hearing that it will be... Read More

Avocado Lovers REJOICE!

We Californians have an obsession with avocados like no other. Of course, there is a tiny bit of guilt inside me when I agree to the extra charge. Buuuut it looks like there is some good news in the avocado world. They’re getting cheaper. YAAAAAAAAAAAASSS. After what feels like ages of increased... Read More

MTV Is Officially Bringing Back TRL

My elementary through middle school ritual used to be as follows. Get home from school, do some homework, have a snack (preferably ice cream), followed by sitting on the couch and taking in every moment of MTV’s TRL. The celebs, the music. EVERYTHING. That why the inner child in me was devasted in... Read More

Harry Styles Clears Up An Internet Rumor

Harry Styles has been doing a lot of press for his movie Dunkirk . He recently sat down with Chelsea Handler , for a very strange but HILARIOUS interview. It basically consisted of Harry being asked really detailed questions, to which he gave one word responses. You'll see the reason for this when... Read More