The 1975 Live in Berkeley! of my favorite shows of the year.

April 26, 2016

Orphan Andrew

Wow! This was the first time I’ve seen The 1975 live and I was SO IMPRESSED. I didn’t know much of what to expect when I got there. I know a few of their songs, but I was never a diehard fan that would listen to their albums start to finish. First of all, the show was at Greek Theatre in Berkeley, which is probably my favorite outdoor spot to see a show in the bay. Only thing that sucks when you go to see a show at The Greek is the parking- so get there early if you’re planning on driving! Save yourself a headache. The show itself was SO GOOD- they played for about 90 minutes. High energy, funky, vibey and an overall party vibe swept through the venue. Everyone was singing along and having a good time. They played some of their more popular songs like “Chocolate” and “Girls”, but also some other unfamiliar ones from the new album. Typically, if a band is playing, just like you- I GET EXCITED ABOUT THE HITS. The problem is…The 1975 doesn’t really have any huge hits. It’s time though; these guys are awesome and deserve it. Since the show on Friday, I’ve been listening to more and more of their work and I’m becoming a really big fan. I liked them a lot and was intrigued before seeing the show, and now I LOVE The 1975. Check out their latest album “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It”. Very Panic! At The Disco album title. LOL