App-less April

Time to put down the Tinder.

April 22, 2016

Wavebreakmedia Ltd |


Well, I guess I'm a little on this but whatever- its still good to chat about and see what you guys think. App-less April is basically just that, but in particular the DATING APPS. The goal is to go without our precious dating apps for 30 days. Could you do it? There seems to be more and more "serial swipers"...people that are depending solely on dating within these apps, which is so nuts to me! I'm all about meeting people online and online dating- let's be real...its just how we live, dating apps coincide with our active lifestyles. But there is definitely something to be said about meeting someone in person. It's that whole "love at first sight" immediately have a certain energy with attraction is there right away. Best part about meeting someone in person? You don't have to worry about what filter they've used! Maybe this is something to start in May. Have you done a dating app cleanse before? <---can't believe that I'm even referring to it as that, but it works. LOL...happy dating! :)