Katy Perry: "Rise" Teaser

Full video released 8/4.

August 1, 2016

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Have you been paying attetion to all the Olympic happenings? I feel like a horrible American to say that I kinda don't care, but...I really don't care. Don't get me wrong, I want America to win ALL THE MEDALS and I think we're the best in the world...but my interest in the Olympics is kinda minimal. Ok, except for swimming...I kinda lied when it comes to swimming because RYAN LOCHTE and MICHAEL PHELPS. Right? Right. And I'm sure from watching this year another superstar will be born in Rio!

Katy Perry's song "Rise" is basically the theme song for the games this year and the video will be coming out on Thursday!

*Watch a sneak peak of the video here. What do you think?