Mother's Day is SUNDAY

You've been warned.

May 2, 2016

Kakigori |


Consider this your friendly reminder that this SUNDAY....I repeat...THIS SUNDAY...again...ON SUNDAY...its Mother's Day. Make sure you get your Mom a lil sumthing! The best gifts are usually not the most expensive ones either. I know my Mom just enjoys spending time together, grab some dinner, nothing extravagent...just the time is appreciated! I totally get it though, time is have lots going on and you're a busy person. SO...look no further, any ideas you need are right here. I've done the dirty work for you...all you need to do is click the links and get some good ideas. Because...SUNDAY is Mother's Day. Did you know that? It's on SUNDAY. Links below. :)

*15 Gifts Mom Actually Wants
*7 Unexpected Places To Find Mother's Day Gifts

This is me and MAH MOMMA! Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's

Orphan Andrew