PBR Is Releasing a Hard Seltzer - and it's 8% ABV!

August 15, 2019

© Meg Jones / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Quite possibly the bro-iest beverage to hit the market - PBR Strong Seltzer! If you're a White Claw eficionado, ya gotta give this one a try. What makes it different? Glad you asked! It's got a nice lime flavor and it's sweetened using Stevia. Oh...and it's 8% ABV. For comparison, both White Claw and Truly Hard Seltzer are 5%. (for those at home keeping track)

PBR isn't the only beer to get into the hard seltzer game, NATTY LIGHT also has a hard seltzer with a bunch of different flavors. I would imagine PBR won't be too far behind with a peach, cherry and/or refreshing citrus lemonade. (yum)

Hey...as always, drink responsibly! And only if you're over 21. Don't be dumb. K thanks, love you.

Strong struts. Stronger Seltzer. Our limited release will include Texas, Arizona, California and Montana. Don’t live in those states? Tag a friend you know who does. It’s a good way to let them know you’ll be coming into town. And that you’re making a date to grab some of our 8% ABV Stronger Seltzer. --

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