So Lucky I Got To See Prince...

April 21, 2016

USA Today Images


Wow! So I woke up this morning and heard the news that Prince passed away at the age of 57. While I’m too young to remember the Prince “golden days”…I definitely can appreciate the art. That’s the awesome thing about music, if it’s THAT GOOD…it will still be around decades later for others to enjoy and appreciate! I’ve been lucky enough to see Prince two times. The first show I took my Mom and it was with his whole band in San Jose. The show was just that…a show! It was awesome. The second and final time I saw Prince in concert was just a few weeks ago in Oakland. A friend of mine had invited me to be his plus one- score! He had been doing a bunch of stripped down shows- just him and a piano. I was still intrigued though because I know with that caliber of talent, all he really needed was his piano and a microphone. Sure enough- it was awesome! It was nice to sit back and listen to him perform, just to appreciate the music. There were no pyrotechnics, no crazy moving walkways or choreographed dance routines...just the talent. Prince will be missed but the music is ours forevahhhhh! #PurpleEverything Favorite Prince songs: When Doves Cry, I Would Die For You, I Wanna Be Your Lover. (Pic below is my ticket from the show a few weeks ago)