These Hard Sodas Are Addictive!

What's your favorite one?

April 21, 2016


First, I was excited about the hard root beer...then I saw the ginger ale...and THEN I saw the orange soda and everything in my life seemed a bit clearer for a moment. Why you ask? Because ORPHAN LOVES ORANGE SODA! (Kenan & Kel reference there- what up Snick!) They are so good but they are so addicting. When i first moved to Northern California, I wasn't much for beer and craft brews- then the friends I met here changed that and I never picked up a water-laced crappy beer ever again. I know, these hard sodas can't be compared to craft brews but its definitely a niche that people are enjoying. Especially with Summer coming soon and people breaking out the grills- the hard sodas are going to appear. And if you haven't incorporated the hard root beer to make the ultimate root beer float- you're missing out! Nowwww check this out, "Not Your Father's Root Beer" is going to be upping the alcohol content in each bottle. The brewery is going to be mass producing their stronger variety, a version with a 10.7% ABV, about twice what they have now. Yowwwwza! That is gonna get to your head quick, just a heads up. If you're on #3 and you're usually "ok" may not be next time. You may need a nap! Also, I may or may not have went to the grocery store last night and picked some up. Also, some other healthy garlic bread. LOL :)

Orphan Andrew