Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg Announces City Curfew During Cleanup

Curfew will begin at 8pm, Monday, June 1st

June 1, 2020

Photo Credit: Jeff Cassetta/ Getty Images

UPDATE: The city of Sacramento will start curfew June 1st, 8pm-5am, each day until futher notice. 500 troops of the National Gaurd was seen arriving today to assist imposing the new curfew and curb futher aggression. 

While the protests on Saturday and Sunday were largely peaceful in Sacramento, the demonstrators and officers began to clash as the day turned to night and some smaller groups broke off to vandalize and loot smaller businesses in Downtown Sacramento. On Monday (6/1) morning, Mayor Darrell Steinberg called on the community to assist with cleanup efforts after congratulating peaceful protestors who began cleaning up after the demonstrations on Sunday morning. During the cleanup this morning, the city Sacramento Mayor announced that a curfew will be in place starting Monday evening, and suggested that 7pm or 8pm should be the city's curfew.

After meeting with City Council, Mayor Steinberg announced that the curfew on Monday, June 1st, it will begin at 8pm. 

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