Sacramento Restaurants Assisting Employees in Need

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May 5, 2020

A group of Sacramento restaurant owners are coming together to help those in the food and beverage industry affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Sacramento Food and Beverage United (SacFab) has been created by area restaurateurs to help provide employees with financial assistance during a time when local eateries have closed completely or have significantly scaled back.

The goal of the newly formed group is to raise between $25,000 to $40,000 in the month of May. Proceeds will then be sent out via prepaid credit cards in amounts ranging from $100 - $500. Recipients must have worked as a part-time or full-time employee in the Sacramento food, beverage, and service industry and have been laid off or furloughed due to COVID-19. The selection process is first come, first serve and based on availability of funds.

To date, SacFab has raised almost $10,000 from a broad range of industries including gaming, insurance, cannabis, and political consulting firms.

To apply, employees should email with their full name, mailing address, last place of employment, manager name with phone number and email along with a copy of their most recent paystub.