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Bebe Rexha - I Got You

You've heard the sensual voice of Bebe Rexha for a few years now. She's been the guest vocalist on some big songs like Martin Garrix "In The Name of Love", G-Eazy's "Me, Myself and I" and Cash Cash's "Take Me Home". Now, the Brooklyn, New York native just released the lyric video to her new song "I... Read More

Insane Close-Up Of Massive Tornado in Colorado

I'm a HUGE fan of video of natural disasters. Whether it be tornados or earthquakes, but this video is absolutely insane! Why would someone choose to drive SO CLOSE to a tornado? No injuries were reported but how crazy would you go if you saw this driving down the street? Bananas. Video of Extreme... Read More

Man Strangles Woman With Phone Charger For Not Making Dinner

A man in rural Muncie, Ind. allegedly strangled his girlfriend after an argument about her not having made his dinner. The man got upset and attacked the woman with a cell phone charger and police say he strangled her with the battery booster. The woman said he held the cord there until she passed... Read More