My initial thoughts about the new Apple Watch Series 6: help me, I hate this

September 25, 2020

I finally took the plunge and got an Apple Watch, and I'm not having a good experience. In fact, I feel like an idiot using this thing. 

Apparently this is something that all first-time Apple Watch users go through: not knowing how to navigate the apps and not knowing what the "Digital Crown" is. I had to ask Siri what the Digital Crown was, and not even she could give me a straight answer. 

Mollie Kendrick

So, you can only imagine my frustration when all I wanted to do was start using my Apple Watch and I got this message at the beginning. Don't worry, I finally figured out what the Digital Crown is. (It looks NOTHING like a crown, and it's not on the screen...which is where I thought I'd find it. Lol.) 

And don't even get me started on using the calendar on my Watch. Haha. Watch the video above for that issue. 

I hope you have a better weekend than me, because I'm going to spend my weekend frustrated over feeling very Apple-challenged.