Makes Powerful, Unexpected Statement About Black Lives Matter

June 10, 2020

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Many companies are stepping forward to do the right thing by standing against racism and social injustice in our country. However, it's the statement made by that I felt was incredibly powerful in an unexpected way. 

I say "unexpected" because I really don't even think of as a legitimate company (they are, though), nor have I ever heard anything from its leadership team...EVER. But today, the website is way more than just a database for expectant parents to find their child's name: it's making a powerful statement that really resonates with parents, and hopefully with those who don't have kids. 

On the front page of (via PEOPLE), the site posts names of black Americans whose lives were taken by police or other civilians along with the quote, "Each of these names was somebody's baby." They also shared the hashtag, #blacklivesmatter. 

Founder (and parent) Jennifer Moss told HuffPost that her company's statement "came from my heart." 

"My goal was to make people understand that they aren't just names," said Moss. "They are human beings who were loved." 

106.5 The End issued a statement on May 31 following the death of George Floyd: 

"106.5 The End stands beside you in solidarity as we mourn the loss of George Floyd and continue the fight for justice, security and love for all. We cannot continue to tolerate discrimination, social injustice or prejudice of any kind. The voices of the voiceless must be heard, and as a community, in unity, we must peacefully listen, no matter how difficult the conversation will be." 

We love you, Sacramento.

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