California city bans trick-or-treating entirely

October 14, 2020

Rawpixel/Getty Images


How Halloween will be celebrated this year has been a pretty big debate due to the pandemic. Is it safe to go door-to-door, or should kids stay home? Should people be throwing Halloween parties to celebrate the holiday? 

To be honest, it's one of those things that just hasn't totally been addressed by officials...until now, in one particular city. 

According to the Daily Mail, Beverly Hills has banned trick-or-treating on Halloween due to the pandemic with a new city ordinance. 

Last month, Los Angeles County banned trick-or-treating but then backpedaled to say that it was only a "suggestion." This latest ban in Beverly Hills is the law, which has already taken effect in the weeks leading up to October 31 and includes both door-to-door and car-to-car "trunk-or-treating." 

The city is also shutting down certain streets the night of Halloween to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 

How would you feel if Sacramento enacted a law like this? Will you be participating in any Halloween festivities? I don't typically do anything for Halloween, so honestly, it will feel like just another year for me at home! 

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