You Totally Forgot About These Boy Bands

September 4, 2020

MCT via Imagn


In honor of our Boy Band Labor Day Weekend on 106.5 The End, I'm revisiting boy bands that you completely forgot about. Unless, that is, you are a TRUE fan of these groups. 

Dream Street

Aside from his role on All My Children, this is where Jesse McCartney got his start! I remember seeing infomercials for Dream Street's album play during commercials while my mom watched all of those soap operas on ABC back in the day. The production quality of their music makes me CRINGE, but all these great memories come rushing back just listening to Dream Street. 


We only really got to know one song by this band ("Faded"), whose original name was "Indecision." When they signed with a label, there was a conflict with an American band already called Indecision, so they had to change it. That's why in "Faded," you can hear the rapper Thrust call them "Indecision" during the bridge. 

Take That

Okay....I was too young to know this band, but also they weren't totally popular in the United States. They were, however, MAJORLY popular in the UK. 


Again, not a big hit in the US but they were signed by Simon Cowell in the UK back in the day...So they were like an O.G. One Direction. 


Another UK band, but you'll DEFINITELY recognize their song "Back Here" because it did have some success on this side of the pond. 

The Wanted

Another fantastic one hit wonder from the UK! Their song "Glad You Came" is such a jam.