Frisky Bulldog Wants To 'Do' Anything But Get His Nails Trimmed: VIDEO

May 21, 2020

WilleeCole via Getty Images


Sometimes animals shoot their shot at the worst time. Fortunately, this awkward yet hilarious moment was caught on video. 

A groomer in Texas was in the middle of a routine nail trim on a bulldog client, when the bulldog seized the opportunity to get frisky with the groomer. In the video below, shared by Daily Mail, you'll see the shop's owner laughing as she rescues the groomer, who also laughs off the incident. 

The groomer, named Kali, told the Daily Mail that she thought it was "so hilarious" and that she watches the video "multiple times a day still." 

I've never personally been a dog groomer, but I feel like this is the type of job where a sense of humor is required. Animals don't care if there's a difference between a dog and someone's back...(lol). Luckily, I never have this problem when trimming my chihuahua's nails because he's so small and sits in my lap like a baby while I trim his nails. When other people trim his nails, he just screams and cries!