Some may be disgusted by California's favorite Halloween candy, but I'm sure not

October 13, 2020
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People are typically divided over which Halloween candy is the best, but there's one that's stood out as a favorite among Californians. 

According to this map of every state's favorite Halloween candy, California's favorite is the Crunch bar. The stats were determined when Zippia (via Yahoo) used Google Trends to find the most popular searches in every state. 

Here are some nearby states' favorites: 

  • Oregon - Reeses Pieces 
  • Washington - Kit Kat 
  • Nevada - Kit Kat 
  • Arizona - Mr. Goodbar 

My home state of Colorado loves Airheads which, while I don't mind Airheads, are in my opinion not even a top 10 fave on Halloween. Minnesota on the other hand, where I lived for the last couple years, loves Snickers. I'm allergic to peanuts, so I've never been able to enjoy those. 

Check out the full map here

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